Roulette and Its History


Roulette has its source in history. There are in fact lots of games mentioned in the history that connects somehow with the game of roulette. From roman history to modern French, there are many theories about the origin of roulette. One of the most popular of casino games, roulette happens to be a game perfect for everyone including beginners. As the game requires no skill, anyone can play it. With numbers from 1 to 36 and 0 and 00, roulette is also popular on online casino platforms like 우리카지노. The name is derived from the words rue in French meaning wheel and ette in Italian meaning small. The whole thing makes small spinning wheel.

Roulette and Myth

Greek mythology mentions a battlefield game that includes hitting a rotating shield with a dagger. There is also a saying that Emperor Augustus also enjoyed a game that included spinning the wheel of a chariot and throwing a sword. Though there are several theories about the birth of roulette, the most influential is the story of a French monk. It is said that an unknown French monk invented roulette by transforming a wheel game. Some other theories suggest that the game made its way to France from China through Dominican monks. Some even say that this game is the brain child of Pascal.

This game was banned in many countries during the early 19th century. Even now some countries recognize this game legally only in some places. Roulette can be played on online 바카라사이트 as well. Easy and entertaining, online roulette can be a great pastime for even beginners who lack enough skills to play other more complicated casino games. The player needs to find a licensed platform to play in a safe environment. These sites ensure fair play and security of the players.